The Heather Treat Memorial was started in 1994 after the death of my sister.

Heather had Colon Cancer that spread to her lungs and brain.  Heather had great insurance, but the little things that were not covered by insurance (gas, hotels, bill piling from lack of work) was a great burden.

So many great friends and family helped Heather and her husband during this time.

After Heather’s death we decided, along with some friends, to start the Memorial Fund to help others who have cancer in Johnson County.  With this, the idea has spread.  Now at least two other local counties are doing the same.

There is another popular Cancer Fund that has followed our idea, but they help with medical bills.  We are so very fortunate that so many have donated to the fund to help those who need a little gift of love.

Since the Memorial began, we have given $233,054.07.

In 2014, we were able to give out $15,600.00; supporting 39 patients.

Our biggest fund raising efforts arrive each year with our Duck Race, so you can see why this fundraiser is so important.

Thank You for helping Johnson County Cancer patients, Robin Harper-Whitehead


We are a 501C and do not receive any funds from any cancer society or organization.