Join Us for
2020 COVID Special Duck Race

Streaming Live May 31st @ 4 pm on Facebook

We are putting the ducks back on the pond.  We will stream live, from an undisclosed location, keeping social distancing and still coming together as a community to provide gifts of love to our Johnson County Cancer Patients.

Please help support our efforts – all with a chance to win $500 to the first place duck.

Adopt a Duck That Don’t Fly and get our great 2020 T-shirt


Heather Treat Memorial began with a mission to help Johnson County Cancer Patients

The Heather Treat Memorial was started in 1994 after the death of Heather Harper-Treat. Heather had Colon Cancer that spread to her lungs and brain. She had great insurance, but the little things that were not covered by insurance (gas, hotels, bill piling from lack of work) was a great burden.

So many great friends and family helped Heather and her husband during this time.

After her death, Heather’s family decided, along with some friends, to start the Memorial Fund to help others in Johnson County who have cancer.

Heather Treat Memorial has given $305,454.07 to Johnson County cancer patients since 1994.

If you know a cancer patient in Johnson County, please call us to see how we can help. (618) 967-9528

Thank You for helping Johnson County Cancer patients.

Helping Johnson County Cancer Patients Pay the Bills.