Thank You for a successful 2020 Duck production!

2020 and past years T-Shirts available

2020 COVID Conditions

COVID-19 may have put a hold on many aspects of our every-day lives, but cancer has not stopped for COVID.  Due to the pandemic, the duck drop took to the Internet and the ducks raced on the pond

Help us provide gifts of love to Johnson County Cancer patients by buying one of our many t-shirts.

How it Works

Ducks will be dropped from the Lil Red Bird over the target area.

Circle ONE: (up to) $3,000

Circle TWO: (up to) $2,000

Circle THREE: (up to) $1,000

All Ducks that land in each of the targets will split that prize target amount.
Any Ducks outside the area will not be winners.

Noon – 5:00 pm

@ Goreville Village Park

Sell Ducks

Want to sell ducks so that you or your club makes money?
Call 618-967-9528

Sell Ducks / Win Buck$

One Duck will be drawn from each of the winners’ circles with prizes awarded to the seller of those ducks.

Circle ONE: (up to) $300

Circle TWO: (up to) $200

Circle THREE: (up to) $100

(All prize money is based on the selling of 3,00 or more ducks.)

Prize money will be adjusted if less ducks are sold. Past years, 3,000 plus ducks were sold.

Top Duck Sellers Win as well

Top Duck Seller wins $100 Prize for each category
Individuals / Clubs / Businesses / Churches
Register your club or organization to win!
If you are unable to attend the fun, your prize money will be sent to you within three days after the Duck Race.

The more Ducks you adopt the more Johnson County Cancer Patients “win”!